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Internet of Places

We give businesses the mapping, location and data tools to build highly scalable, hyper-local services and applications.

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Fast, flexible and fully integrated ecosystem of modules, apps and tools


Powerful visual editor to manage Virtual Private Maps, micro-services and POI data.


Easy to use UNL APIs and SDKs to integrate powerful features into your apps.

UNL MAppStore

Ready-to-use, plug-and-play applications that require no coding to start.

UNL Building Blocks

Map as a Service

Create Virtual Private Maps (VPMs) with one click

Uniquely map out and digitize POI, space and location assets with micro-precision of as small as 1×1 cm². Publish updates to your VPM in real-time.


Transform any location into a routable node

UNL Pixel Router generates efficient routes that get people, parcels and machines from A to B. Train your private UNL router and dynamically update routing models to real-life context (e.g. closed routes, accidents, crowds) without human intervention.

Data enrichment

Leverage powerful data tools

Keep the quality and accuracy of your location-based data and services up to date. Tap into various data sources (workforce and user-generated, IoT, sensors, cameras, etc). Publish updates to your VPMs in real-time.

location-based Transactions

Unlock the power of location-based transactions

Deliver integrated experiences and solutions. Tap into our modules for proof of delivery, payment and settlement, and transactional chat. Ensure transparency across all stakeholders and administrate transactions hyper-locally.


Scalable DIY tools

Leverage standardized mapping and location data tools fit for any industry.

Flexibility & customization

On ground, indoor or up in elevation, UNL can go as micro-precise as 1x1cm².

Bring your own data

Embed your data in Virtual Private Maps and manage data access rights.

Connect any data source

Unlock the intelligence of any data source – vehicles, drones, sensors or any IoT device.

Real-time publishing

Publish data updates instantly to your maps via the UNL Studio and APIs.

Your data is your data

Keeping data ownership and control within your organization.

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